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Do you have a dream of coming to Australia?

There are options for you. You can:
Migrate permanently as a Skilled Migrant
Work as a temporary worker in certain skilled occupations which are in need
Establish your own business
Study and gain knowledge and skills in internationally reputed Colleges and Universities in Australia with future migration options.

We can help achieve your dream

Australian visa system is complex and you may need an expert’s advice and guidance if you want to apply. Therefore, simply talk to us or e-mail us, you could save your valuable time and money and make your life easier.

Do not hesitate to call us!

 You will receive professional advice from our Registered Migration Agent. Registered migration agents have expertise on available visas and they also have obligations to follow the Code of Conduct.

Our Services

Futuremax Australia is in the education and migration industry of Australia for more than 9 years. We have gained experience enough to properly advise you with various education and visa options. We provide excellent services with our trained and professional staff. Our services include but not limited to the followings.

Career Counselling

Futuremax Australia will provide you with result oriented advice and quality counselling in choosing your career options and making decision to study or migrating to Australia. Our staff will provide you with broad choices so that you can make an informed decision. Our staff will make sure you are satisfied with your every concerns.

Pre-departure Advice

If you are ready to depart to Australia, our staff or our partner organisation’s staff will make sure that you will prepare well before your departure. They will advise you in a way that your journey to Australia will be of well prepared, safe and sound. You will be given checklists, tips and advice on preparation, travel, landing and starting life in Australia.

Airport Pickup

If required, Futuremax Australia will arrange a pick up service for you from airport to arrive to your accommodation center whether the accommodation is arranged by us or by yourself. We will ensure that you arrive at your destination safely. If you want this service, please make sure to inform us at least a week in advance so that we have enough time to arrange it.

Accommodation Support

We can arrange an appropriate accommodation for you if required. Please let us know at least one month ahead of your arrival, if this assistance is required for you . Please provide your requirements, duration and budget to help us find an accommodation suitable to your need.

Universities in Australia